Generate Step Function

Generates step functions for steps under the cursor(s).

  • Command: bt_generate_step_function

Gives you the ability to quickly generate functions for steps. Place the cursor under a step (e.g. Given the first number is "1"), open the command palette and select Behave: Generate Step Function. You will be prompted whether you want to create a new file for this step function, or to paste it to an existing steps file.

You can also generate multiple step functions at once by placing cursors on multiple steps.

Generate Missing Step Functions

Generates step functions for missing steps.

  • Command: bt_generate_missing_step_functions

This command is just a convenience command to generate step functions for all unimplemented steps in the open feature file.

Go To Step Function

Navigate to the step function of the step under the cursor.

  • Command: bt_go_to_step_function

Does what it says on the tin.

Run behave

Runs behave within the current context.

  • Command: bt_run_behave

This command is activated by selecting Behave: Run behave on the command palette.

  • If the cursor is within a Scenario definition, the command will only run that scenario.
  • If the cursor is above the first Scenario, the command will run all Scenarios in that Feature.
  • If a feature file isn’t visible, the command will run all Scenarios in all Features
  • If there are multiple cursors, the command will run all Scenarios that are under the cursors.